Time to blossom ⭐

A funny thing happened when I started owning my shit, loving myself and working fully on self compassion and inner shizzle… my work went through the roof. There was a time when I first started as a psychotherapist and coach when I thought “god I’ve got loads of tattoos and piercings and dont really look like a conventional therapist” well that’s coz I ain’t a conventional therapist! Once I got past that limiting belief and starting focusing on what matters to me my work just kept growing and growing. This year alone as been so life affirming. I stopped thinking about the type of client I should attract and just worked on being the best possible me.
So believe in your beautiful authentic self, and passionately believe in what your doing. When it comes from a place of love it’ll continue to blossom ❤

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Psychotherapist and coach, mother and lover of the outdoors. Trauma worker, advanced EMDR practitioner, clinical hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner. Helping you be your best possible self.