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I had such a beautiful weekend with friends… one of the aspects of the gathering was a morning ceremony where we gathered in a circle for some soul sharing and to give love to, and honor, both ourselves and others. It was a highly charged and emotional time where love, tears and compassion flowed freely. I hadn’t thought I’d cry when it was my turn but the tears came as I revisited the journey I had been through over the past 15 years or more. .
During that time I lost myself so completely and part of my own healing, to feel visible and enough, was to embark on a Goddess journey. This journey was about connecting with myself fully as a woman… to learn to love all aspects of myself. This has underpinned much of my research over the years, the focus on our parts, our shadow sides and our connection with others. I am really aware that I still have days when my ego trips me up. My fear of judgement, of being used and taken advantage off, my constant awareness that my triggered mode is rapid flight and the dreaded INFJ ‘doorslam’… that I can easily shut aspects of my life away as if they never existed, my fear of not being enough, of not being valued or loved, fear of being abandoned, mocked or shamed. All these are old wounds, inner child wounds, which still bare scars and raised proud flesh which sometimes chafes. I have had to learn to balance my needs and recognise that having needs doesn’t make you needy, that building barriers shuts people out fully and prevents connection whilst having boundaries keeps you safe and gives you options. I get to chose who I let in but when I’m battling my demons I must allow those who love and cherish me to still connect…. and that is sometimes the hardest battle.
So as we start a new week I invite you to take a moment to reflect on the different parts of you and your shadow side. The fears and insecurities. Take a moment to embrace your vulnerability. Be authentic. Be fully you. Light and dark.

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