Psychotherapist and coach Niki Portus founded The Resilient Kids Project in 2016 and Rethink Your Life CIC to offer specialist psychotherapy on a donations basis to enable people from all walks of life to access the support they need. She specialises in trauma, PTSD, C-PTSD and developmental trauma. Her work with families aims to help the whole family heal and learn skills so parents may better support their childrens fears and resulting behaviours.

She has worked with children and families the past 18 years including working as a manager and lead practitoner of a preschool for 8 years run by one of the UKs largest early years education charities. This led to training in leadership and mentoring as well as extensive training in safe guarding and child protection, domestic violence and abuse awareness. During this time she also founded and ran a music and arts festival as well as persuing a love of live music and supporting independent artists. She ran a weekly podcast for a Devon based webzine and has given talks on event management at various colleges. However a growing interest on the impact of early childhood trauma set her on the pathway to retraining in Psychotherapy and coaching.

Initially training as an NLP practitioner and life coach her interest in subconsious patterns of behaviour lead her to become a clinical Hypnotherapist, stress management practitoner and then an advanced EMDR practitioner working with emotional triggers and neuro- somatic psychotherapy or mind-body connections. She is also trained in Brainspotting and current training includes Family Trauma Professional and complex trauma specialist certified by the International Association of Trauma Professionals (IATP). Niki has a first class honours degree in early childhood studies with child development pathway specialising in attachment patterns, mindsets and Mindfulness. Her key focus for ongoing professional development in trauma work are the mind-body practices including Acupressure, Internal Family Systems, somatic awareness and sensorimotor psychotherapy. She is also an ITEC qualified swedish massage and sports massage therapist.

Since starting her private practice in early 2016 one of the reoccurring themes for all clients, male or female, is that developing self compassion and boundaries has the biggest impact on their healing process. Underpinning all her work today are the unique Goddess and Hero journeys each person must take to heal. She has clients from all walks of life, all shapes and sizes, classes and incomes. Since its inception Rethinking You CIC has also conducted over 300 free and donations based therapy sessions including working with foster families and marginalised traveller communities. Her original workshop programme The Resilient Kids Project has run for the past 3 years at various venues in South Devon, and she has given talks and run workshops on performance anxiety at both festivals and in community venues.

At home Niki is a mother to a 19 year old son and Muffin the deerhound lurcher. Other loves include her partner (a physiotherapist!), their campervan, the great outdoors and healthy nutritional eating, yoga and fitness. Having been through two emotionally and psychologically abusive relationships in her 20s and 30s she is a passionate advocate for empowering victims of domestic abuse and trauma survivors.