Niki has run different workshops at festivals and events as well as privately attended one in schools and community venues. These are advertised and promoted on facebook as this is the easiest platform for advertising and reaching the local community. Here are some of the ones on offer currently. All workshops are now being created a an elearning series so more people are able to access them via a membership area online.


Running a workshop on performance fears for collective The World is Listening at Shambala Festival 2017

For those who want transform their life and live with greater authenticity and connection. If you feel stuck, disconnected from partners or family, fearful of love and intimacy.

This workshop will help you to banish those limiting beliefs and heal your inner child wounds. Learn how to connect more deeply with others whilst maintaining boundaries and remaining authentic and true to yourself.

Explore your limiting beliefs and inner child wounds which prevent you connecting fully on an authentic level with yourself and loved ones. Using powerful techniques to unleash your brains own healing power you’ll learn Parts work, self hypnosis, boundary and energy work and a Brainspotting technique that’ll fast track your own innate problem solving capacity forever more!


The most recent Resilient Kids Project: Mindfulness and the Horse
(Full permission from parents to use image)

This workshop program was developed to teach children, young people and their parents (or carers) different resilience and visualisation techniques to help them better manage their fears and anxieties.
The workshop has been run in both community halls, social clubs and primary schools as well as an outdoor classroom experience.

The program is offered as either a 6 week x 1hr series or in a half day format. It has also been run succesfully as a 1:1 with individual families as a 2 hour session teaching six key exercises either from Niki’s home based clinic or in the child’s own home.

Sessions are offered to families with children aged 6 – 11 or young people aged 12 – 16 and tailored accordingly.